Tips to Prevent You from Throwing Away Those Items You Can't Take on Your Move

Are you looking for ways to get rid of some items before you move? You don’t have to throw away items in good condition, and we have some suggestions for you! Community-Wide Yard Sales are held every month through August on the third Saturday of the month. You set the price and place the items in your driveway, and we do all the advertising.  Sell your items online. You can advertise and...


You Can Now View the May Newsletter!

Click on the below link to view the May 2017 Newsletter! You can see more details about this month's activities by clicking on the "Events" tab on the left of this webpage.


2017 Landscaping Schedule

The Landscaping Schedule for 2017 will follow: Cloyne Court- Wednesday Coastal Harbor Island- Friday Coddington Cove- Monday Farragut Field- Wednesday Fort Adams- Monday Greene Lane- Tuesday Hart Field- Wednesday Melville- Thursday Naval Hospital- Wednesday *This is subject to change due to weather and holidays.


You Can Now View the April Newsletter!

You can new view the April 2017 Newsletter by clicking the below link. More details about the April activities can been seen by clicking on the "Events" tab to the left.


You Can Now View the March Newsletter!

You can now view the March 2017 Newsletter by clicking the below link. All activities are posted under the "Events" tab and can also be found on our Facebook page.

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